Thursday, 4 June 2020

Oracle EBS 12.2.x: ADOP error during Cutover phase

Background of the issue: I was applying hrblobal driver in a multi-node Production environment. Our Production application EBS has one Primary node and one DMZ Node.

After applying hrglobal driver using the online patching cycle, Cutover phase thrown below error message


Applying patch(es): <6390830> on node EBSDMZ failed.
If you choose to proceed with cutover, node EBSDMZ will be marked as abandoned.
Do you want adop to continue processing on completed nodes [y/n]? n
    As per user choice, adop will not proceed further with processing.


If we Provide input as 'Y' above, EBSDMZ node will be abandoned and we need to register the DMZ node again.


1.Apply Patch on DMZ node using options=nodb and restart the cutover phase

On DMZ Node
Source the patch filesystem
adop phase=apply patchtop=$PER_TOP/patch/115 patches=driver:hrglobal.drv allnodes=NO action=nodb options=forceapply

2. Restart Cutover phase on Master node

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