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Friday 13 April 2018

EBS Plugin Deployment for Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Cloud Contol (

Application Management Suite is certified as a plug-in with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 2.
Steps to Deploy the Application Management Suite 
1.Pre-Requisite Patches

Apply the Pre Requisite patches as mentioned in Metalink Doc ID 2045552.1

2.Download the Plugin

Plugin can be downloaded in two ways.
2.1 Download the EBS plugin from the below link
Size of Plugin - ~27MB
Download the EBS plugin software to a location in OMS Home as oracle user.
Run the below command to update the plugin into Oracle Enterprise Manager
emcli import_update -file="<Location of downloaded Plugin file>" -omslocal

2.2 Download from Oracle Enterprise Manager Console 13c console using Self Update feature.

3.Deployment of EBS Plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager  OEM 13c
[EBS Plug-in Deployment to be implemented on OMS Agent node and on all EBS Nodes where EM Monitoring is Required]
3.1 Deploy EBS Plugin to OMS Agent

Login to Oracle Enterprise Manager  OEM console to deploy plugin to OMS Agent
 Go to Setup => Extensibility => Plug-ins:
Select Oracle E-business Suite and Click Deploy-On
Provide the Required details and proceed.
[OMS Restart Required for this activity- Implemented through console]
Monitor the deployment status using below command

emctl status oms -details

3.2 Deploy Plug-in to Management Agent
 The process is similar to the deployment procedure to the OMS Agent, but in this case the EBS host targets must be selected.
[Note: Add new management agents for EBS Targets if not already available.]