Thursday, 7 April 2016

How to enable Trace for Application User in Oracle Applications 11i/R12?

Enabling Tracing for a Application User makes diagnostics easier to analyze.Since only the sql operations performed by a specific User are Traced.

Steps to Enable Trace for Application User:

1.Login to Oracle Applications and select the System Administrator responsibility. 
Navigate to  Profile -->  System 

2.Search for Profile Option 'Initialization SQL Statement - Custom' .Also Specify the username whom you wish to enable tracing during Search.

Under username column Update the below line


Note : Level cane be 4,8,12 depends on your requirement 

Save the Changes done in Profile Option

4. Be careful while updating the Profile Option, Any incorrect Syntax may Prevent user from Logging in

5. Inform User to Re-login and Perform the Activity which needs to be traced.

6. Trace Files can be found in the directory specified by "user_dump_directory" parameter on the database server.
Use the identifier given in Profile Option to search the trace file in udump directory.

7. After the issue is reproduced and required trace files are collected for analysis, disable Tracing from Front End.
Its recommended to disable the trace immediately after the diagnostics are collected, as it will generate huge logfiles.

8. Navigate to system=> Profile form under System Administrator Responsibility.

Query for the username  and Profile Option name "Initialization SQL Statement - Custom"

Remove the values and make it blank.

Save the changes.

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