Thursday, 24 March 2016

Discoverer Login Fails with ORA-1017

Logging to discoverer url as sysadmin gives the following error.

ORA-1017: Invalid username/password
A connection error.  
- Oracle BI Discoverer is unable to authenticate using the password provided. This can happen due to an invalid password or because the password was lost while using back, forward, or refresh in your browser. Enter the password again to continue.
- Failed to connect to database - Unable to connect to Oracle Applications database (afscpgcs) 


APPL_SERVER_ID parameter in .dbc file of Applications MT node(applmgr) and discoverer user is not matched

$diff test1_disco.dbc test1_mt.dbc

< APPL_SERVER_ID=178***********
> APPL_SERVER_ID=1A***********


Copy the <SID>.dbc from $FND_TOP/secure or $FND_SECURE of Applications Middle tier to Disoverer user

Bounce Discoverer Services


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