Sunday, 13 March 2016

Useful adop options and syntax

1.Using analytics parameter in adop apply phase

$ adop phase=apply analytics=yes

Specifying this option will cause adop to run the following scripts and generate the associated output files (reports):

ADZDCMPED.sql - This script is used to display the differences between the run and patch editions, including new and changed objects. The output file location is: /u01/R122_EBS/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/<adop_sessionID>/<apply_directory>/<context_name>/adzdcmped.out.

ADZDSHOWED.sql - This script is used to display the editions in the system. The output file location is: /u01/R122_EBS/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/<adop_sessionID>/<apply_directory>/<context_name>adzdshowed.out.

ADZDSHOWOBJS.sql - This script is used to display the summary of editioned objects per edition. The output file location is: /u01/R122_EBS/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/<adop_sessionID>/<apply_directory>/<context_name>adzdshowobjs.out

ADZDSHOWSM.sql - This script is used to display the status report for the seed data manager. The output file location is: /u01/R122_EBS/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/<adop_sessionID>/<apply_directory>/<context_name>adzdshowsm.out

Note: The analytics parameter should only be used when required, because of the extra processing needed.

2. flags=autoskip 

 e.g adop phase=apply patches=12345678  flags=autoskip 

 This option is an alternative for  "Continue as if it were successful"?  in adpatch, very useful in cases where patch failed to compile forms/reports and exiting.
 We need not restart the adop session just to compile a single forms (.fmb,.fmx) file.
 Make sure to review the autoskip.log logfile and fix the issues in autoskip log whenever you use autoskip flag in adop cycle.

3.  skipsyncerror=(yes|no)  [default: no]

 Specifies whether to ignore errors that may occur during incremental file system synchronization.  This might happen if you applied
 a patch in the previous patching cycle that had errors but decided to continue with the cutover.  When the patch is synchronized on
 the next patching cycle, the apply errors may occur again, but can be ignored.

4. wait_on_failed_job=(yes|no)  [default: no]

 Controls whether adop apply command exits when all workers have failed.  Instead of exiting, you can force adop to wait, and use the "adctrl" to retry failed jobs.

e.g adop phase=apply patches=7777 wait_on_failed_job=yes

5. Abort

The Online Patching Cycle can be aborted at any time prior to Cutover

e.g adop phase=abort

This is needed  if unrecoverable error happened or the user decides that patch is not needed.
If adop phase=apply failed, user should try abandon=yes first.
The abort command drops the database patch edition and  returns the system to normal runtime state.  Immediately following abort, you must also run a full cleanup and
fs_clone operation to fully remove effects of the failed online patching cycle.


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