Monday 14 March 2016

Clusterware Compatibility (Destructive) Testing

Destructive tests include forced failures by software and hardware while the system is running with either minimal or high workload. Oracle software - one or more of Oracle background processes is killed manually. OS software – one or more of the cluster daemons is killed manually or the system is forced to reboot. Hardware: Manual removal of network or disk connectivity or power supply.
There are two major categories of cluster compatibility tests:
 Clusterware (Destructive):
Starting with Oracle Database 10g, the certification and validation process has been enhanced to include hardware destructive tests executed under high system load.
   Cluster File System:
  Starting with Oracle Database 11g, the certification and validation process has been further enhanced to include a set of destructive and high availability tests, designed to verify the use of cluster file system to support the various Oracle Clusterware and Real Application Clusters components.

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