Monday 7 February 2022

Query to check Installed Languages in Oracle EBS

 Query to check Installed Languages in EBS:

Login to sqlplus as apps user

SELECT Language_code, NLS_language, Installed_flag
FROM fnd_languages
WHERE installed_flag IN ('I', 'B');

The Installed_Flag has 3 values
I- Installed
B- Base
D- Disabled

Concurrent Request failing due to XML publisher directory not available

Concurrent Request Failing during OutputPost Processing

Below is the error message from OutputPost Processor Logs:

 [UNEXPECTED] /usr/tmp/ERPTEST1/ (No such file or directory)
        at Method)
        at oracle.apps.xdo.common.tmp.TmpFile.createTmpFileJDK118(Unknown Source)
        at oracle.apps.xdo.common.tmp.TmpFile.createTmpFile(Unknown Source)
        at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FOProcessor.getTmpFOFile(Unknown Source)
        at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FOProcessor.createFO(Unknown Source)
        at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FOProcessor.generate(Unknown Source)
        at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.schema.server.TemplateHelper.runProcessTemplate(
        at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.schema.server.TemplateHelper.processTemplate(
        at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.schema.server.TemplateHelper.processTemplate(
        at oracle.apps.fnd.cp.opp.XMLPublisherProcessor.process(


The Temporary directory for XML Publisher has not been modified after making the clone so it was pointing to non existing location and getting error out.


1. Create a new Temporary Directory on OS level for the cloned environment.
2. Make sure that the application owner (APPLMGR) has Read and Write permission this directory.