Thursday, 4 February 2016


While Troubleshooting workflow relates issues in EBS, we may need to clear PROCESS and DISCARD folders under workflow user.
The below commands are useful to move folders, connecting to imap

a)Shutdown Workflow Components
b) login to imap host(e.g as applmgr user

  $ telnet 143
    You will get below messages:


Trying **.**.***.**

Connected to (**.**.***.**).

Escape character is '^]'.

* OK Dovecot ready.

  i login wfmgr *****

  i rename PROCESS process_<sys_date>

 i rename DISCARD discard_<sys_date>

 i create PROCESS

i create DISCARD

i subscribe PROCESS

 i subscribe DISCARD

 i unsubscribe process_<sys_date>

 i unsubscribe discard_<sys_date>


c) Startup Workflow Components

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