Wednesday 17 February 2016

Online Patching Steps in R12.2 (ADOP)

Basics of online Patching in R12.2

Online patching uses the latest feature of the Oracle database 11gR2 which is called “Edition Based
Redefinition” and also uses multiple file systems on the application side.
While online Patching with adop is in progress, users can use the application and database on RUN Filesystem.
Patch is applied on the alternate filesystem, which is an exact copy of RUN filesystem,called PATCH filesystem.
Users are switched to PATCH filesystem after the patching is complete.
Application is only offline during the Cutover phase.Downtime is now redefined as Cutover.

ADOP Patching Steps
1. Download the patch and unzip in PATCH_TOP directory.

2. Prepare the system for Patching

Source the RUN environment file
cd /test12/applmgr
. ./EBSapps.env RUN

adop phase=prepare

3. Source the PATCH Environment & apply patches:
cd /test12/applmgr
. ./EBSapps.env PATCH
==> Apply patch 19697098

Patch Location: /test12/applmgr/patches
adop phase=apply patchtop=/test12/applmgr/patches  patches=19697098

4..Run finalize.
adop phase=finalize

5. Cutover Phase

    $ adop phase=cutover
6. Cleanup old editions

    $ adop phase=cleanup
7. Synchronize RUN and PATCH filesystems.Start Fs_clone

adop phase=fs_clone

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