Tuesday, 5 July 2016

ADOP Prepare Phase Fails with ORA-31011: XML parsing failed

While applying Patch on a test instance (R12.2.5), Prepare phase failed with error ORA-31011: XML parsing failed

Complete error message from adop logfile

[aptest12@localhost <RUN> ]$ adop phase=prepare

Enter the APPS password:
Enter the SYSTEM password:
Enter the WLSADMIN password:

Validating credentials.

    Run Edition context  : /test12/applmgr/fs2/inst/apps/test12_localhost/appl/admin/TEST12_localhost.xml
    Patch edition context: /test12/applmgr/fs1/inst/apps/test12_localhost/appl/admin/TEST12_localhost.xml
    Patch file system free space: 1130.34 GB

Validating system setup.
    [ERROR]     Failed to execute SQL statement:
select node_name from FND_OAM_CONTEXT_FILES
where NAME not in ('TEMPLATE','METADATA','config.txt') and
CTX_TYPE='A' and (status is null or upper(status) in ('S','F'))
and EXTRACTVALUE(XMLType(TEXT),'//file_edition_type') = 'run'
and EXTRACTVALUE(XMLType(TEXT),'//oa_service_group_status[@oa_var=''s_web_admin_status'']')='enabled'
and EXTRACTVALUE(XMLType(TEXT),'//oa_service_list/oa_service[@type=''admin_server'']/oa_service_status')='enabled'

    [ERROR]     Error Message:
    [ERROR]     ORA-31011: XML parsing failed
    [ERROR]     ORA-19202: Error occurred in XML processing
    [ERROR]     LPX-00229: input source is empty
    [ERROR]     ORA-06512: at "SYS.XMLTYPE", line 272
    [ERROR]     ORA-06512: at line 1 (DBD ERROR: error possibly near <*> indicator at char 208 in '    select node_name from FND_OAM_CONTEXT_FILES
    [ERROR]         where NAME not in ('TEMPLATE','METADATA','config.txt') and
    [ERROR]             CTX_TYPE='A' and (status is null or upper(status) in ('S','F'))
    [ERROR]             and EXTRACTVALUE(<*>XMLType(TEXT),'//file_edition_type') = 'run'
    [ERROR]             and EXTRACTVALUE(XMLType(TEXT),'//oa_service_group_status[@oa_var=''s_web_admin_status'']')='enabled'
    [ERROR]             and EXTRACTVALUE(XMLType(TEXT),'//oa_service_list/oa_service[@type=''admin_server'']/oa_service_status')='enabled'
    [ERROR]     ')
    [UNEXPECTED]Error occurred identifying Admin server node

[STATEMENT] Please run adopscanlog utility, using the command

"adopscanlog -latest=yes"

to get the list of the log files along with snippet of the error message corresponding to each log file.


fnd_oam_context_files table has incorrect information  or the table is corrupted


1. Login to sqlplus as applsys and take backup of fnd_oam_context_files table.

SQL> conn applsys
Enter password:
SQL> create table fnd_oam_context_files_bkp as select * from fnd_oam_context_files;

Table created.

2. Truncate Table fnd_oam_context_files

SQL>  truncate table fnd_oam_context_files;

Table truncated.

3. Bring down MT Services

4. Run Autoconfig to populate fnd_oam_context_files  with right information.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Adpatch Worker Fails with "ORA-01031: insufficient privileges"

While Applying Patch on Customer environment, adpatch failed with error

Worker log has the below error.
GRANT select on DBA_USERS_WITH_DEFPWD to em_oam_monitor_role

AD Worker error:
The following ORACLE error:

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

occurred while executing the SQL statement:

GRANT select on DBA_USERS_WITH_DEFPWD to em_oam_monitor_role

Error occurred in file


with arguments '&systempwd &un_fnd &pw_fnd &un_apps &pw_apps'.



1.Login to oracle database server as oracle user

2. Connect to sqlplus as sysdba and run the failed sql statement
sqlplus / as sysdba

Connected to:
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options

SQL> GRANT select on DBA_USERS_WITH_DEFPWD to em_oam_monitor_role
  2  ;

Grant succeeded.


3. Use adctrl to skip the failed worker (Option 8) and continue with Patching