Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Initialization Parameters Required for Oracle ASM (Automatic Storage Management)

The below parameters are required for ASM instance.


INSTANCE_TYPE specifies whether the instance is a database instance or an Automatic Storage Management instance.



The instance is a database instance.


The instance is an Automatic Storage Management instance.


DB_UNIQUE_NAME specifies a globally unique name for the database

Default value
Database instances: the value of DB_NAME
Automatic Storage Management instances: +ASM


ASM_POWER_LIMIT specifies the maximum power on an Automatic Storage Management instance for disk rebalancing. The higher the limit, the faster rebalancing will complete. Lower values will take longer, but consume fewer processing and I/O resources.

Default value 1

Range of Values 0 to 11 (Prior to 11gR2)

Range of Values 0 to 1024(From 11gR2)


ASM_DISKGROUPS specifies a list of names of disk groups to be mounted by an Automatic Storage Management instance at instance startup or when an ALTER DISKGROUP ALL MOUNT statement is issued.

Automatic Storage Management (ASM) automatically adds a disk group to this parameter when the disk group is successfully created or mounted, and automatically removes a disk group from this parameter when the disk group is dropped or dismounted.

Issuing the ALTER DISKGROUP...ALL MOUNT or ALTER DISKGROUP...ALL DISMOUNT command does not affect the value of this parameter.


ASM_DISKSTRING specifies an operating system-dependent value used by Automatic Storage Management to limit the set of disks considered for discovery. When a new disk is added to a disk group, each Automatic Storage Management instance that has the disk group mounted must be able to discover the new disk using the value of ASM_DISKSTRING.


ASM_PREFERRED_READ_FAILURE_GROUPS specifies the failure groups that contain preferred read disks. Preferred disks are instance specific. This parameter is only valid in ASM instances.

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