Sunday, 25 June 2017

How to change Rebalance Power in ASM Instances?

Whenever a new diskgroup is added or dropped, ASM automatically performs REBALANCING operation.Power used by rebalacing defaults to value specified for asm_power_limit initialization parameter.We can check the status of rebalancing from v$asm_operation view.

Increasing the value of ASM_POWER_LIMIT, reduces the estimated time for completion of Rebalance Operation.

ASM power limit can be increased using the below command

alter system set asm_power_limit =11;

To know more about values for this parameter, check this link:

But this does not increase the rebalancing power of current operation. 

To increase the rebalancing power of ongoing operation, use the below command

 alter diskgroup dg1 rebalance power 11;

We can also specify rebalance power at the time of adding or dropping disks.

alter diskgroup dg1 add disk d01 rebalance power 11;

When to use asm_power_limit 0?

Whenever there is a need to add/drop several disks (like migrations), setting the power limit to 0 is highly beneficial.We can avoid the waiting time for rebalance operation to complete,before the next disk is rebalanced.In such cases, set the asm_power_limit to 0, add/drop all the disks and set the value of asm_power_limit to a non zero value.
Rebalance operation will be parallelized and completes faster.

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