Tuesday, 23 August 2016

How to delete Managed Servers in R12.2

The procedure to increase/decrease the number of oacore/oafm servers in R12.2.X is different from R12.1.x.
Because in R12.2.x OPMN is replaced by Weblogic Server.

Steps to delete a managed Server in R12.2.x

1. Ensure there is no active adop cycle.

2. Shut down the managed server which needs to be deleted from the cluster/domain.

 $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/admanagedsrvctl.sh stop <MANAGED SERVER NAME>


$ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/admanagedsrvctl.sh stop oacore_server5

3. Execute the script adProvisionEBS.pl  on the host where the managed server was created.

Source the RUN filesystem before running the command.

 perl $AD_TOP/patch/115/bin/adProvisionEBS.pl \
ebs-delete-managedserver \
-contextfile=<CONTEXT_FILE> -managedsrvname=<MANAGED_SERVER_NAME> \
-servicetype=<SERVICE_TYPE> -logfile=<LOGFILE>

Sample Output:

bash-4.1$ perl $AD_TOP/patch/115/bin/adProvisionEBS.pl \
> ebs-delete-managedserver \
> -contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE -managedsrvname=oacore_server6 \
> -servicetype=oacore -logfile=$APPLRGF/TXK/delMS_oacoreserver6.log

Enter the APPS Schema password:
Enter the WebLogic AdminServer password:

ManagedServer oacore_server5 deleted successfully.

The above command deletes the managed server and also updates related parameters in context file

To Verify the entries are deleted in Context File,check the output of below command

grep -i oacore_server6 $CONTEXT_FILE

4.Execute the following command to delete details of the managed server from the OHS configuration files mod_wl_ohs.conf and apps.conf

$ perl <FND_TOP>/patch/115/bin/txkSetAppsConf.pl \
-contextfile=<CONTEXT_FILE> \
-configoption=removeMS \
-oacore=<host>.<domain>:<port> \
-oafm=<host>.<domain>:<port> \
-forms=<host>.<domain>:<port> \
-formsc4ws=<host>.<domain>:<port> \
-ekanban=<host>.<domain>:<port> \
-accessgate=<host>.<domain>:<port> \

Sample Output:

bash-4.1$ perl $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/txkSetAppsConf.pl \
 -contextfile=$CONTEXT_FILE \
-configoption=removeMS -oacore=localhost.localdomain.com:7205


5. Restart HTTP Server


adapcctl.sh stop

adapcctl.sh start

6. Repeat the above steps on PATCH filesystem.


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  3. Hi,
    If this procedure is same to add oacore , and i believe we specify port while running adprovisionEbs.pl , once completed on patch file system we will run fs_clone to Sync , how will fs_clone will determine the port number for the new oacore that is being added to the patch file system.
    and also in earlier release we need to do run adprovisionebs.pl manually on patch file system to sync Patch wit run .If fs_clone is taking care of the same in new version . Could you please let me know from e-bs release / AD-TXK release it is applicable.
    Appreciate your help.


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