Sunday, 10 April 2016

What are the daily activities of Oracle Applications DBA?

  1. Maintaining Oracle Application File System and Database using AD Utilities.
  2. Starting, stopping and troubleshooting issues related to Application server components.
  3. Using adadmin to relink executables, generate forms/reports,generate jar files, compile/validate APPS schema.
  4. Analyzing patch pre-requisites and Applying the Patches using AD Patch Utility on Application file System and Technology Stack.
  5. Applying Mini Packs, Family Packs, Maintenance Pack and Rollup patches.
  6. Applying database patches using opatch utility and troubleshooting issues related to OPatch.
  7. System administration activities like creating users, assigning Responsibilities, defining custom managers.
  8. Changing configuration files as per the requirement.
  9. Changing APPS password and Application database users’ password for security.
  10. Performing Healthchecks.
  11. Splicing off-cycle products using adsplice utility.
  12. Cloning of Oracle Applications 11i from Production to Test Instance.
  13. Taking backups- physical, logical, RMAN and performing Restore, Recovery.
  14. Troubleshooting issues related to concurrent managers.
  15. Managing System Configuration using Autoconfig.
  16. Modifying initialization parameters as per the requirement-PFILE AND SPFILE.
  17. Reorganization of tables that are fragmented.
  18. Creating users and assigning appropriate roles, privileges.
  19. Managing tablespaces and data files.
  20. Monitoring alert log file.
  21. Troubleshooting ORA- errors.
  22. Analyzing AWR reports.

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