Sunday, 6 March 2016

What Happens During ADOP Finalize Phase

The Finalize phase of adop cycle,takes care of below online activities

1.Perform the final operations that can be executed while the Application is online
2.Compile invalid objects
3.Generate derived objects
4.Pre-compute DDL to be run at Cutover

After Finalize phase, we can pause the adop online patching cycle until the appropriate downtime window is available.

Syntax for running finalize phase 

$ adop phase=finalize
$ adop phase=finalize finalize_mode=quick == This is Default Mode
$ adop phase=finalize finalize_mode=full    

Finalize can be run in 2 modes: “QUICK” or “FULL”
FULL gathers database dictionary statistics (not transaction tables statistics)
QUICK skips gathering database dictionary statistics.

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  1. During this phase ADZDSHOWLOG.sql command runs. Kindly let me know why this takes very long time and which location logfile creates.


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