Thursday, 24 March 2016

Advantages of RMAN Incremental Backups

What is RMAN Incremental Backup?

Incremental Backups take  back up  of only datafile blocks that have changed after a previous full backup. 
Incremental backups are applicable for databases, individual tablespaces or datafiles.

Benefits of RMAN Incremental Backup:

1.RMAN Incremental backups are used to periodically roll forward an image copy of the database

2.Reduced amount of time needed for Backups

3.Less Network bandwidth is required

4.To get adequate backup performance when the aggregate tape bandwidth available for tape write I/Os is much less than the aggregate disk bandwidth for disk read I/Os

5.To  recover changes to objects created with the NOLOGGING option. 

6.To reduce backup sizes for NOARCHIVELOG databases. Instead of making a whole database backup every time, you can make incremental backups.


If the database is in ARCHIVELOG mode,  incremental backups can be taken if the database is open;
If the database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode, then we can only make incremental backups after a consistent shutdown.

Click Here to know more about how incremental backup is implemented by RMAN and the imporatnace of block change tracking feature.

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