Sunday, 13 March 2016

ADOP Patching Fails with aipspv(): Error setting up PDI list for upgrade

While Applying patch on a 12.2.5 environment using online patch cycle in adop, Autopatch Failed with error

AutoPatch error:
Invalid password for schema "CUST1" (oracle_id = 20087)

AutoPatch error:
Failed getting PDI list for product 'xx1'

AutoPatch error:
aipspv(): Error setting up PDI list for upgrade

Root Cause

Password for Application schema is not changed using FNDCPASS


1.Change the password of custom application with FNDCPASS 

Syntax for FNDCPASS

Log filename : L********.log

Report filename : O*****.out

2. Verify the password change is successful

$ cat L*******.log
Application Object Library: Version : 12.2

Copyright (c) 1998, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.


Current system time is 10-MAR-2016 23:21:30


Password is changed successfully for user BOLINF.
FNDCPASS completed successfully.

Concurrent request completed successfully
Current system time is 10-MAR-2016 23:21:30


Please Note, In 12.2.x Environments FNDCPASS must be executed on RUN Filesystem.

3. Restart the online patching cycle 

While restarting adop apply phase after a previously failed session, use options abandon and restart

adop phase=apply patches=123456 restart=yes abandon=no 

[Use this command if you wish to continue the previous patch session from the step where it failed]

adop phase=apply patches=123456 restart=no abandon=yes

[Use this command if you wish to start a fresh patch session]

If changing password using FNDCPASS does not work, analyse further details about database user and application user.

Check if the database user and application user are defined correctly using the sql queries below

SQL> select ORACLE_ID from FND_ORACLE_USERID where oracle_username like '%CUST1%';


SQL> select application_id from fnd_application where application_short_name = 'XX1';


SQL> select * from fnd_product_installations where oracle_id=2008;

If the user details are not correct from the output of above sql, Please correct them.

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