Thursday, 25 February 2016

Downtime Mode feature in ADOP Patching

Downtime mode is introduced in E-Business Suite Release 12.2, to minimize the duration of 12.2 upgrade process.This feature is available from AD.Delta.5 Release Update Pack.

Before applying patch in downtime mode, all Application services must be shutdown.Downtime mode does not use online patching cycle phases,hence it applied patches quickly compared to online patching. However, EBS application will be down for longer time in downtime mode.Make sure that no adop cycle is in progress while applying patch in downtime mode, Otherwise it will give error.

To apply patch in downtime mode. Follow the below steps

1. Shut down Application Services

2. Apply patch using the below command

 $ adop phase=apply patches=<patch_number> apply_mode=downtime

3. Startup Application Services

Following Scenarios require to apply patch in downtime mode in R12.2

1. All Patching that is part of 12.2 upgrade process. Once the upgrade is complete and users are online, all subsequent patching on a production system should use online mode, unless stated in patch ReadMe.

2. Single-node development or test environments, where production support and high availability are not required.

Limitations of downtime mode

1. We cannot test the patch application prior to cutover as in online patching cycle.
2. We cannot rollback patch applied using downtime mode.
3. Downtime mode is not applicable for Multi-node environments

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