Friday, 29 January 2016

Useful Linux Commands for Apps DBA's

Check Used Space on  a Disk/ Mount Point
The du command summarizes your disk usage. The sort command sorts the files by size. The command shown below sorts from smallest to largest all files in the current directory and all directories contained below the starting directory. Because the sort starts with the smallest file, the end of the list shows the largest files.

Deleting a large file is usually more efficient than deleting many small files. Often the largest files are core files or cache files, both of which you can delete.

du -h --max-depth=1
du -a | sort -k 1n,1|tail -30
du -sk * | sort -n | tail

Files more than 5mb

find . -mount -size +50000000c -print | ls -lh
find . -size +100000000c -print
find . -size +50000000c -print | xargs ls -l
find . -size +10000000c -print
find . -size +10000 -print

Files more than 30 day old.

find . -name "*.aud" -mtime +7

find . -name *.req -mtime +30|xargs gzip

find . -name "TEST01_*.out" -mtime +2 |xargs ls -l

find . -name "*.log" -mtime -1|xargs ls -l

Files modified in the last 6hrs ago
find . -name "*.log" -mmin 360|xargs ls -l
find . -mmin 360|xargs ls -l

find . -mtime +1|xargs ls -l

find . -size +30000000c -xdev -exec ls -l {} \;



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