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Oracle Applications Database Administrator Interview Questions

1. How to verify if a patch is applied or not (11i and R12)

A: Query from ad_bugs table.(11i and r12)

select bug_number,created.last_update_date from ad_bugs where bug_number='&patchnum';


select ad_patch.is_patch_applied('R12',-1,20034256) from dual;

expected results:

EXPLICIT = applied
NOT APPLIED = not applied / aborted

2.What is the difference between ad_bugs and ad_applied_patches?

A: If a patch is applying multiple bug fixes, the details of all bugs fixed by the patch can be found from ad_bugs,

ad_applied_patches has information only about patches applied using adpatch.

Two tables to check if the patch is applied or not:

This table includes the defined bugs on the system: 

SELECT   bug_number 
FROM     apps.ad_bugs
WHERE   bug_number LIKE '%'&patchnum'%';

This table includes patches applied on the system:

SELECT patch_name 
FROM   apps.ad_applied_patches
WHERE patch_name LIKE '%'&patchnum'%'

3. How to check if a forms patch is applied?

A: There is no specific way to check if a forms patch is applied. Forms Patches are usually applied through Shell scripts.

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